Scorpio ox daily horoscope

Lucky Number: 6, 9. The limited blessing from auspicious stars and the adverse effect of several inauspicious stars will make Ox mentally and physically exhausted in You are easy to have health problems, tend to suffer unexpected financial losses and have a tense relationship with your family and neighbors.

Scorpio born in Ox year Personality Horoscope

So don't be too fussy in the year. Stepping into which is a year of Earth Pig, you are supposed to bid farewell to the dark year and usher in good luck, but the limited blessing from auspicious stars, only 'Tang Fu', and the adverse effect of several inauspicious stars will make you mentally and physically exhausted.

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First of all, any little bit of inattention will lead to health problems. Secondly, you tend to suffer unexpected financial losses and have a tense relationship with your family and neighbors, so don't be too fussy. As a result, you should develop a financial plan to make ends meet, and stay away from borrowing, guaranteeing and gambling. For males under the Ox sign, you should pay special attention to women around, and avoid spending on womanizing or having your career affected by private emotion, which may bring you to failure. During the whole year, only the auspicious star 'Tang Fu' will improve your luck for wealth and you will find it hard to make money.

Astrology Summary For Chinese Zodiac Ox Men And Women

Nevertheless, you can still create opportunities for promotion and salary raise through your own efforts. For ordinary workers, you will have the opportunity to show leadership and get promoted. If you are in the startup, transition or stagnation period of career, you may encounter a lot of emergencies, such as cash flow dilemma, loss of core personnel and crackdown of competitor, so make an emergency plan and develop the ability to respond to PR crisis. If your career is on the rise, take the hands-on approach to the company affairs and follow up step by step to avoid the defeat on the verge of victory.

For example, you will quarrel with and misunderstand each other. Under the adverse effect of 'Bao Wei', you Oxen, especially women, tend to be quite pessimistic in marriage and feel disappointed for what your partners do. Some of you male Oxen even want to have an affair. Though single Oxen will have quite good luck with the opposite sex, you should watch out and never start a relationship readily because some of them just get close to you for money or sex.

Rating: Affected by several inauspicious stars, you will be in unfavorable health condition and suffer from serious or minor illness, so take good care of yourself. Also, you might be scared or encounter an unforeseen disaster, and need to avoid going out alone or far away. If you have to take a business trip, be careful and avoid driving on your own. Besides, one of your relatives or friends may pass away and you should take care of the elder in your family. If the Scorpio-Ox made his choice, there is no turning back. This man is distinguished by an iron grip and strong will, so in the struggle he has no equal.

Ox Horoscope , Ox Luck Predictions in Year of the Pig

In a love relationship behaves like a conqueror, not a timid admirer. He will spare neither time nor energy, but will achieve reciprocity.

All Scorpios-Oxen, regardless of gender, temperamental, sensual, but no less obstinate. Even a strong feeling will not make them submit to the will of a partner. But they will never betray or let you down. For the family, Scorpio-Ox will do everything in his power and even more. The truth in return will require a lot from his second half, and from children.

This is a true dictator: he does not tolerate objections, he expects complete submission. For him, the house is a safe haven, but not a permanent place of residence. He likes to travel, needs new impressions, otherwise he starts to get bored and moped. Family life with the Ox-Scorpio is a fascinating attraction, but not for the faint-hearted people.

These people can choose any profession — success is guaranteed. They are aggressive, active, courageous, resolute, and clever and perceptive.

A similar set of qualities characterizes the Scorpion-Oxen as unique people endowed with diverse talents. Men of this combination of signs can become famous politicians or make a career military. They are quite capable of working as a lawyer, manager, although in this case they will have to adapt to the interests of other people.


Scorpio women born in the year of the Ox can become successful business ladies. Do not pass before difficulties, are quite capable to find common language with partners. Scorpios-Oxen are subtle natures with a wonderful taste, so they often choose creative professions. At any job they work with full force, they are real professionals of their business.

A cold-blooded Scorpio-Ox man gives the impression of a confident, slightly self-contained person. Clearly defines the vital tasks and ways to achieve them. He does not consider it necessary to conduct superfluous conversations, does not go into details, differs stubbornness. It is better not to give him advice, the more you should not try to impose your opinion.

Do not listen to even close people, not to mention strangers.

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  • Strong man is able to defend the interests of the family, his wife and children do not need anything. Material problems do not overshadow his life, but there are some difficulties in communicating with people. Principal Scorpio-Ox man, devoid of flexibility, not inclined to compromise, trusts only a narrow circle of close people, for them he is a loyal friend. An attractive, sexy Scorpio-Ox woman turns the head of men, but to win her heart is very difficult.

    12222 Chinese Zodiac Pig Year Dates and Meaning

    The freedom-loving person does not consider it necessary to concede to the partner even in domestic matters, strives for leadership in the relationship. Will not be happy in the environment of close people, if not be able to take place in a career. The talented Scorpio-Ox woman knows how to create a cozy home environment, loves children, but wants to serve not only the family, but also society.