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But hard aspects with Saturn create limitation or strain. For example, a square to Venus can cause a person to feel isolated, and experience many obstacles to happy relationships.

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Saturn is linked to depression because of the cloud of self-doubt it casts. When you know your Saturn sign and house position, try to find interpretations for both. Keep it as a question in your mind that you can revisit when you meet someone that embodies these qualities. What will it take for you to grow toward your Saturn?

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The first time Saturn comes back to meet your natal Saturn is in the late twenties. This is one of the most important times astrologically—a time of getting real with yourself and your mission in life. It can be a time of upheaval, stress, major re-evaluation and change. And you get another chance to take stock when Saturn returns again in your late 50s.

I love Saturn. Does that surprise you?

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Yes, I am in love with each planet, dwarf planet, asteroid, and celestial body. They represent some of our first understandings of the Goddesses and Gods and their unique, sacred energies. The planets also symbolize the wonderful potential within us all and the soul lessons that are unique to each of us individually and collectively. Saturn is the great karmic teacher. This can be one heavy dose of realism. Mythologically, Saturn was the God of old age.

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What are some attributes attributed to aging? Some astrologers see Saturn as a vice, but I think it depends on how you have dealt with Saturn all along.

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What I have found is that, wherever Saturn finds itself in your natal chart, yes, we feel restriction and all the heaviness already mentioned. But on a soul level, we know that our most valuable lessons and most significant growth will be found in that direction. On a soul level, we feel compelled to pursue the lessons of the area and sign our Saturn is in over this lifetime.

Esoterically, the problem with Saturn is that it is about manifesting in material form. This is the fall of spirit into matter and, by some accounts, connected with the notion of original sin. Our very existence as physical beings is a separation from the unity of the divine, from God and, thus, a sin. Notice the similarity between the words "Saturn" and "Satan," which is, essentially, a condemnation of the material world. The planet Saturn rules over the zodiac sign Capricorn with a serious hand.

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Saturn brings out the traditional side of Capricorn, enhancing its practical nature to ensure that the Goat takes calculated steps toward success. Capricorn is a hard-working sign with a strong sense of responsibility and determination, which is what Saturn is all about! Work hard and reap rewards!

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  • Saturn rules over the 10th House of Career, a house that exists in a powerful position at the top of the zodiac. This house is a representation of our career goals, ambitions, relationships to authority, and public status.

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    When Saturn is expressed too strongly we become rigid and fearful, even paralyzed. The point is to find a balance between frozen form and formlessness that, like a healthy body, is a flexible but ordered manner of being.