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In the process, he produces an easy to assimilate text that is a mix of the technical as well as esoteric aspects of Indian astrology. Drawing from the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and the Puranas, the author whose focus is primarily on the non-Indian reader introduces determinism and how to deal with it. For a readership that believes in individual effort as omnipotent, the philosophy of astrology may seem unacceptable but only till the author comes up with convincing ways to handle determinism and destiny through esoteric methods.

After a brief dive into what qualities make for an astrologer, it is a gallop through the basics to the more advanced technicalities of Jyotish in a manner that is both terse and lucid. There is also an attempt to show how to cast the horoscope. There are extensive quotes from Dr. Raman, apart from a few other Indian astrological savants, that enrich the volume.

The author draws heavily from classical works like Horasara, Bhrihat Jataka, Saravali, Bhrihat Samhita and other texts throughout to explain different topics. As an introductory text to the study of predictive astrology, the volume is indeed commendable and strikes the right note with non-Indian readers who may otherwise not be able to comprehend some of the concepts of astrology that are so alien to their own cultures. In this respect, the author scores well. Dean Dominic De Lucia. His articles were published quite a few times in the older The Astrological Magazine , as well as in the newer follow-on magazine, Modern Astrology , published in Banglore.

Comment : Each nakshatra gets three pages of text. Strangely, Harness's view of nakshatras seems colored by the signs of the zodiac in which they are found. Except for section 3, this is essentially an elementary book. Shubhakaran, and the priceless Light on Life both do better with this subject. Lotus Press, pages. The wheel goes 'round; 2. Focus on the ascendant; 3. Get your facts straight; 4. The predictive path; 5.

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The yearly chart; 6. Transits; 7. Political astrology; 8. Memorable quotes; Questions on health; Compatibility; Remedial measures; Conclusion; Testimonials. Comment : Published in , here is a quote from page 72, part of a prediction of George W. Bush's Presidency: Cancer, the feminine householder sign, rises, with Venus in his lagna.

There will be less war in the world than in the past eight years of the Clinton Presidency Clinton has a malefic Mars in his lagna.

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Nalini got himself a fancy Bhrigu reading. Sage Bhrigu spoke to him directly. What Bhrigu said to Tom, from the back of this book: You have my blessings to compose the new book. I rather wish they would write the great books they always promise, instead of the trivial ones they actually do. I See Publishing, pages. Retrogradation; 2. How retrograde planets affect you? Practical method. Comment : The author was a student of M. Jain, this book was first published in At the time the book was published, Inglis was living in Toledo, Ohio.

I do not know why an otherwise fine book was not published by an American publisher. Foreword: Study of Panchangam; 2. Jathakarma: General judgment on a nativity; 3. Ear-boring; 5. Choulam - tonsure; 6. To learn the alphabet; 7. Upanayanam - thread marriage; 8. Education; 9.

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Upakarma; Initiation in a manthra; The study of the Vedas; Samavarthanam; Decision of marriage; Celebration of marriage; On attainment of puberty; Nishekam copulation ; Pumsavanam: Seemantham; Lying-in apartment; Agricultural work; Harvest; To lay up treasure; Dinner of new grains; To put on new clothes; To wear a new ornament; To lay foundation; The opening ceremony; Coronation; To install a deity; Yathra: travel; Concerning disease; To take treatment; To pay up debts; Exterminatory yogas to be avoided ; Neutralization of adverse yogas; Thithi - Vara - Nakshathra yogas; The transit system; Nakshathra dhasa; Kalachakra dhasa; On Jenma-nakshathra; Sankrama or solar ingress; The annual horoscope; Interpretation of dreams; Sreejayanthi; The Krithika festival; Comment : On the title page, the subtitles read, The standard book on the Election Mahoortha system.

I had not thought of organizing a book on Electional astrology chronologically, eg, from birth to death, but it has appeal. This is presumably some old book which Iyer translated. Asian Educational Services, pages in English, an unknown number in Devanagari in the back. Karakatwas; 3. Preliminaries to cast birth chart; 4.

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Shadbala; 5. Yogadhyaya; 6. Female horoscopy; 7. Bhava Phalams. Contents of book 2 : 1. Novel method of dasha bhukti reading; 3. Phala Kundali or division charts; 4. Dasha bhukti classical ; 5. Gochara transit of planet ; 6. Varshapravesh solar birthday map ; 7. Appendices: 1.

The Man Who Talks To Planets (Vedic Astrology Master Jeffrey Armstrong/Kavindra Rishi)

Ready-made tables to erect divisional charts with instructions ; 2. Contents of book 3 : 1. New techniques of prediction part 3; 2. Starry positions of planets worked from ephemeres; 3. Alphabetology or Akshara Shastra; 4. Theories of spotting winners; 5. Order of preference of tests A to D; 6.

Winner by navamsha method; 7. Dead certs. Comment : This appears to be an original work, written in English sometime after my best guess. Judging by the charts in book 2, by then Iyer had been in practice for many years. Book 3 is an extended treatise on how to win at horse racing, which might be the secret reason for popularity of this set. No publisher given. From the back cover: 1. The theory of longevity: This theory is a kind of new discovery in the sphere of astrology.

It outlines a new method of determining the length of life from the natal horoscope. The theory of creation of solar system: The Rule of 10, 8, 4, 2 or we can say the Rule of house exaltation of the Ruler of the Ascendant as discovered in the Theory of Longevity has been used in constructing the Theory of Creation of Solar System. The basic principles of astrology are like axioms or postulates. The Theory of Creation of Solar System shows that the origin of these basic principles lies in the process of Creation of Solar System.

James Astro Publication, pages. Advice for students - I 2.

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Introduction 3. Research or prittle prattle 4. BPHS on Mandook dasa 5. Motion of Mandook frog. Mandook dasa in Jaimini 7. Lagna versus 7th house 8. A noticeable flaw 9. The enigmatic term Trikoot What is Mandook dasa? Sequence of signs in main period Sequence of signs in sub-periods How to compute Mandook dasa Balance of dasa at birth Part B: An advice for students - II Illustrations - A enlarged portraits Illustrations - B some important events in other charts Comment : The premise of the book is that Mandook dasa has, up to now, been misunderstood and mistakenly calculated.

The author seeks to correct this. On the inside flap of the book it says, Jaimini's Mandook dasa has been dealt exhaustively in this bok to the tune of injunctions of JUS. This book has the following special features: Correct computation of dasa has been revealed here for the first time. Sequence of dasa operating signs are as per Mandook Gati on the basis of which the dasa is called Mandook dasa Correct meaning and implication of the term "Trikoot" is given here and three koots peaks formed for different nature of signs has been explained lucidly.